Many churches have moved to a more informal structure for their worship. Instead of the traditional ‘hymn sandwich’ - or even the older liturgical framework, they would have an informal ‘time of worship’ at the beginning of their service. Whichever approach you take, these are prayers which we use to draw together in God’s presence, incorporating elements of praise and confession.
  1. Bullet    7th July.pdf                    

  2. Bullet    10 simple rules.pdf                     

  3. Bullet    A Butterfly Wing.pdf

  4. Bullet    A Lorica Prayer.pdf

  5. Bullet    A New Song.pdf

  6. Bullet    A Sensual Prayer of Approach.pdf

  7. Bullet    Acrostic Praise.pdf

  8. Bullet    Adopted Family.pdf

  9. Bullet    Ages of a River.pdf

  10. Bullet    All That We Can't Leave Behind.pdf

  11. Bullet    An Awfully Big Adventure.pdf

  12. Bullet    Angels.pdf

  13. Bullet    Anna and Simeon.pdf

  14. Bullet    Arise Shine.pdf

  15. Bullet    As Far As We Dare.pdf

  16. Bullet    Aspects Of Trinity.pdf

  17. Bullet    Beautiful Neighbourhood.pdf

  18. Bullet    Births, Deaths, BenefitCaps.pdf

  19. Bullet    Both And.pdf

  20. Bullet    Bread Thank You Prayer.pdf

  21. Bullet    Celebrating the Ordinary.pdf

  22. Bullet    Certainty and Strength.pdf

  23. Bullet    Chicken or Egg.pdf

  24. Bullet    Christmas Pause.pdf

  25. Bullet    Compulsory Purchase Prayer.pdf

  26. Bullet    Confession for the Journey.pdf

  27. Bullet    Cloud And Fire.pdf

  28. Bullet    Dancing Scarecrow.pdf

  29. Bullet    Dandelions Break Through Concrete.pdf

  30. Bullet    David's Garden.pdf

  31. Bullet    Dear God....pdf

  32. Bullet    Delighting in God.pdf

  33. Bullet    Did Abram Moan.pdf

  34. Bullet    Easter Alleluia.pdf

  35. Bullet    Easter How Can We.pdf

  36. Bullet    Emoticon Prayer.pdf

  37. Bullet    Equality and Diversity.pdf

  38. Bullet    Everyday Miracles.pdf

  39. Bullet    Evolutionary Creation.pdf

  40. Bullet    Faith and Politics.pdf

  41. Bullet    Gaia.pdf

  42. Bullet    Galaxies and DNA.pdf

  43. Bullet    Garden and Desert.pdf

  44. Bullet    Gentle God.pdf

  45. Bullet    Glastonbury Poemprayer.pdf

  46. Bullet    God of Surprise.pdf

  47. Bullet    God Of Then, Now And Forever.pdf

  48. Bullet    God's Spirit.pdf

  49. Bullet    God Who Loves Us All.pdf

  50. Bullet    God Who Travels On The 219 Bus.pdf

  51. Bullet    Higgs Boson particle Accelerator.pdf

  52. Bullet    Home.pdf

  53. Bullet    How Can We Claim.pdf

  54. Bullet    I Wonder If God Exists.pdf

  55. Bullet    Identity And Security.pdf

  56. Bullet    Imagine.pdf

  57. Bullet    Invitation To Live.pdf

  58. Bullet    Invitation To The Feast.pdf

  59. Bullet    Invocation Of The trinity.pdf

  60. Bullet    Isaac's Prayer.pdf

  61. Bullet    Journeying Through Holy Week.pdf

  62. Bullet    Lenten Confession.pdf

  63. Bullet    Let Us look For God.pdf

  64. Bullet    Life's Journey.pdf

  65. Bullet    Living And Loving.pdf

  66. Bullet    Love In Action.pdf

  67. Bullet    Love Rains Down.pdf

  68. Bullet    Manger God.pdf

  69. Bullet    March Of The Penguins.pdf

  70. Bullet    Mark Cavendish.pdf

  71. Bullet    Migraine Prayer.pdf

  72. Bullet    Mysterious God.pdf

  73. Bullet    Naboth's Vineyard.pdf

  74. Bullet    No Room At The Inn.pdf

  75. Bullet    North, South, East, West.pdf

  76. Bullet    Ode To The Spirit.pdf

  77. Bullet    Offertory Pause For Thought.pdf

  78. Bullet    Prayer Before An iPhone.pdf

  79. Bullet    Prayer For Our Taxes.pdf

  80. Bullet    Rainbow God.pdf

  81. Bullet    Recycling.pdf

  82. Bullet    Ritual Busyness.pdf

  83. Bullet    Searching.pdf

  84. Bullet    Searching For Jesus.pdf

  85. Bullet    Seaside God.pdf

  86. Bullet    Sense God's World.pdf

  87. Bullet    Serpents And Skyscrapers.pdf

  88. Bullet    Sewing Fig Leaves.pdf

  89. Bullet    Shepherding God.pdf

  90. Bullet    Silence And Speech.pdf

  91. Bullet    Sowing Seeds.pdf

  92. Bullet    Spring Welcome.pdf

  93. Bullet    Sun Over The City.pdf

  94. Bullet    The Good Samaritan.pdf

  95. Bullet    The Great Feast.pdf

  96. Bullet    Transcience.pdf

  97. Bullet    Travelling God.pdf

  98. Bullet    Unsung Heroes.pdf

  99. Bullet    Urban Harvest.pdf

  100. Bullet    Violet’s Opening Prayer.pdf

  101. Bullet    Watery Praise.pdf

  102. Bullet    We Are Not Alone.pdf

  103. Bullet    Wedding At Cana.pdf

  104. Bullet    What Do We Do When We Worship.pdf

  105. Bullet    When The Going Gets Tough.pdf

  106. Bullet    Where Christ is Still Tortured.pdf

  107. Bullet    Where How What Why When.pdf

  108. Bullet    Where You Go I Will Go.pdf

  109. Bullet    Wisdom's Call.pdf

  110. Bullet    You Are Worth It.pdf

  111. Bullet    You Shall Not Confessioin.pdf

  112. Bullet    Your Silence Speaks.pdf


Opening Prayer