We have never been a church which ‘buys into’ packages. We do not call these scripts “Godly Play” because there are elements of the Godly Play methodology which simply don’t work in our context. For example, whilst it might be lovely to have a Godly Play classroom and sacred space, our reality was a cold, damp concrete-floored chapel. Since it was compulsorily purchased we are worshiping with anyone who will have us - and sometimes in Tim’s front room!

We have to create our own ‘sacred space’ wherever we are.

We do, though, want to create a way of telling stories which brings them alive for all ages alike. Too often “all-age worship” ends up being children’s worship which gives the adults a time to disengage their brains and be rather silly.

What we are seeking to do is develop a style of worship which engages people of all ages and abilities. We don’t claim to have got it right. Or that what we do works for all the people all the time. But most of the time most of the people we work with seem to find this helpful.

For anyone unfamiliar with Godly Play, some general advice on the method can be found at the Godly Play UK website (click the link to open in a new window).

In general, you will need to plan well ahead. Unless you have gathered together a vast collection of resources, you will have to find appropriate - beautiful - toys and objects for the story. You may need to make some of them. For example, the storytelling mat.

Rehearse the story several times. The less dependent you are on the script, the more effective the story will be. Take your time in telling the story. Counter-intuitively, you should avoid eye contact with the audience. If you are focussed upon the story, it will help them to focus as well.

  1. Bullet    5000.pdf                              The Feeding of the 5000

  2. Bullet    Abram and Sarai.pdfAbram, Sarai, Lot, Hagar etc

  3. Bullet    Advent embracing the darkness.pdf    A story of waiting and hope

  4. Bullet    BeachBBQ.pdf                     Breakfast on the Beach/ The Miraculous Catch of Fish

  5. Bullet    Epiphany Dancing Story.pdfThe Visit of the Magi

  6. Bullet    Hebrew Midwives.pdfMoses, Miriam and the Hebrew Midwives

  7. Bullet    The Prodigal Son.pdf          The Prodigal Son

  8. Bullet    Remembrancce Sunday.pdfA telling of the Massacre of the Innocents for Remembrance Sunday

  9. Bullet    RuthandNaomi.pdf               Ruth and Naomi

  10. Bullet    The Story of Job.pdfThe whole of the book of Job in one Dancing Story!


Dancing Stories