It may seem strange that we use something as ‘traditional’ as a Call to Worship.

Half our community are children and there is always lots of noise and bustle before we begin our worship. The children play and fight, older folk catch up with the week’s news while Clare and Tim practice the music.

The Call to Worship focusses our thoughts - not by escaping from the world around us, but by setting out what our central theme for worship is to be.

  1. Bullet    A Donkey's Plod.pdf                    

  2. Bullet    A Manchester Proverb.pdf                     

  3. Bullet    A Simple Path.pdf

  4. Bullet    Accountability Call.pdf

  5. Bullet    Blackpool Call to Worship.pdf

  6. Bullet    Bread Recipe.pdf

  7. Bullet    Breakfast Invitation.pdf

  8. Bullet    Call Of Christ.pdf

  9. Bullet    Call To Speak.pdf

  10. Bullet    Call To Worship.pdf

  11. Bullet    Child's Call To Worship.pdf

  12. Bullet    Colourful Invocation.pdf

  13. Bullet    Community Gathering.pdf

  14. Bullet    Creating God.pdf

  15. Bullet    Dancing In Light.pdf

  16. Bullet    Darkness and Light.pdf

  17. Bullet    Doubt And Explore.pdf

  18. Bullet    Easter Alleluia.pdf

  19. Bullet    Encompassing Prayer.pdf

  20. Bullet    Encountering God.pdf

  21. Bullet    Evolutionary Creation.pdf

  22. Bullet    Excuses.pdf

  23. Bullet    Extravagance.pdf

  24. Bullet    Gather Us In.pdf

  25. Bullet    God Calls To Us.pdf

  26. Bullet    God's Call To Humanity.pdf

  27. Bullet    God's Hands.pdf

  28. Bullet    God who resides in darkness.pdf

  29. Bullet    Grumpy Call To Worship.pdf

  30. Bullet    Harvest Around The World.pdf

  31. Bullet    Heart, Soul, Mind.pdf

  32. Bullet    Here And Now.pdf

  33. Bullet    Holy Ground.pdf

  34. Bullet    Hooray!.pdf

  35. Bullet    I Want to Go Home.pdf

  36. Bullet    Isaac's Prayer.pdf

  37. Bullet    Joel's Exodus.pdf

  38. Bullet    Journeying Together.pdf

  39. Bullet    Lost.pdf

  40. Bullet    Lost Sheep.pdf

  41. Bullet    Marjorie's Call.pdf

  42. Bullet    Palm Sunday Call To Worship.pdf

  43. Bullet    Pentecost Call To Diversity.pdf

  44. Bullet    Punching The Sky.pdf

  45. Bullet    Real Life Worship.pdf

  46. Bullet    Recycling God.pdf

  47. Bullet    Roll Up Roll Up.pdf

  48. Bullet    Sarahs Family Tree.pdf

  49. Bullet    Seer Green-Roberts.pdf

  50. Bullet    Sinai Call.pdf

  51. Bullet    Small parables.pdf

  52. Bullet    Storytelling God.pdf

  53. Bullet    The Times They Are A Changin.pdf

  54. Bullet    The week we have had.pdf

  55. Bullet    The Wonder Of Epiphanny.pdf

  56. Bullet    Time And Space Gathering.pdf

  57. Bullet    Unlikely Heroes.pdf

  58. Bullet    Valentine's Day.pdf

  59. Bullet    Wedding At Cana Call.pdf

  60. Bullet    What Do We Do When We Worship.pdf

  61. Bullet    Why Do We Come To Church.pdf

  62. Bullet    Why Worship.pdf

  63. Bullet    Wise Women Call.pdf

  64. Bullet    Worshipping in Faith.pdf


Calls to Worship